Mediscrubs aligns itself with influential individuals who resonate with our brand’s values. Mediscrubs Ambassadors need a passion for healthcare, our awesome scrubs, and connecting with others. The ideal candidate is not only influential online, but also offline in their local community.

We are looking for creative, stylish & sociable individuals to join our Mediscrubs crew! Our brand ambassadors are goal-oriented, unapologetically individual and maintain a positive social image for Mediscrubs Apparel. They help build buzz for our brand!

The ideal applicant is not only familiar, but obsessed with the Mediscrubs brand. We are looking for everyday folks, just like you, with an emphasis on the following qualities:

  • Strong belief in the brand's mission
  • Unique style that reflects our sustainable lifestyle brand
  • Obsessed with our gear and our process
  • Strong presence on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok), specifically we are looking for someone who is active on their platforms and engages with their followers on a weekly basis
  • Accountable and responsible - willing to post monthly

Gain Valuable Experience

Being a brand ambassador is a great resume & confidence builder. It shows you are passionate about a company's brand and vision, and have worked voluntarily to drive brand awareness, increase the number of customers, and engage users on social media.

Promotion & Networking Opportunities

Ambassadors may have an opportunity to write blog posts, craft social media posts, attend events, model in campaigns/look books and take photos/videos for inclusion on our digital platforms. This is a fantastic opportunity to be noticed by different audiences and will help you grow as an influencer in the healthcare and fashion communities. Not only will it allow you to grow your social and professional network but also help you build a portfolio you can distribute to your network.

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How does it work?

About Mediscrubs Ambassador Program

• Mediscrubs Ambassadors enjoy free merchandise each month and can provide their friends and followers with a unique 10% discount code

• Ambassadors can be featured on our website and social media


All these requirements must be met to be a Mediscrubs brand ambassador in good standing:

You must be visibly promoting Mediscrubs through unique content

Every post must include a Mediscrubs tag (#lovemediscrubs, #mediscrubs, #scrublife #nurselife and/or @mediscrubs depending on what type of platform is being used)

To maintain your brand ambassador perks we expect to see 1x story (2-3 frames) a month and 1x feed post a month on your main Instagram Account and TikTok Account.

Get creative and do not forget about the referral coupon discounts $$$ that you will be able to use in-store & online to help with product promotion!