We bring your favourite scrub uniforms right to your doorstep

Mediscrubs Roadshows have been growing in popularity. Why shouldn’t they be? They’re an amazing, fun, and hasslefree solution for procuring uniforms for your entire team. This is an exclusive and personalized, shopping experience designed to fit in with your busy schedule.

Shopping Made Convenient

Mediscrubs Roadshows are an appointment-based shopping experience that combines the benefit of online shopping with the fun of in-store shopping, at a time and place convenient to you and your team.

Chat with an expert

Booking a Mediscrubs Roadshow Live Event for your hospital, department, or clinic could not be easier. The team at Mediscrubs are here to answer all your questions. Give us a call or send us an email today.

Contact our Roadshow expert

Flavia—our Roadshow expert, will work with you to select a suitable date & time for our Roadshow team to visit.


What Happens Next?

Once the date and time for your Roadshow have been locked in, we will send you a confirmation email containing everything you will need for the event: Upon request, we can also provide an eye-catching digital promo for you to put up around your workplace to help inform staff of the Roadshow. We will then continue to communicate leading up to the event date to discuss any changes or additional needs.

Requirements for a Roadshow Event

It takes time and resources to run a Roadshow, and for us to have a successful Roadshow we require a minimum of 15 attendees. Please inform us beforehand if you would like us to bring along specific, styles, colours or sizes. For a private conversation and any additional questions, please contact Flavia our Roadshow expert.

EMAIL FLAVIA: orders2@mediscrubs.com.au

Fantastic fit, great styles, awesome quality. I get all my scrubs from here!