• Antimicrobial Finish
  • Asset 17Breathable Fabric Blends
  • Asset 192-Way Stretch
  • high-gradeEasy-Care Fabric


  • double-stitched V-neckline
  • two side-hip pockets
  • pager pocket
  • universal fit


72% polyester/25% cotton/3% spandex


Care Instructions

  • we do not recommend exposing garments to high temperatures.
  • tumble-drying and extended exposure to direct sunlight can alter the performance of some fibers in fabrics.
  • use a natural detergent for delicate fabrics.
  • dissolve detergents thoroughly and distribute evenly for best wash results.
  • we do not recommend drying coloured items in direct sunlight.

General Wash and Wear

Wash inside-out, empty pockets before washing. Do not overload the washing machine or wash at high temperatures.


Prevent long exposure of your garments to direct sunlight or heaving winds, especially if they are coloured. Dry inside out to avoid colour fading. Dry indoors and ensure the area is well ventilated.


Follow the ironing instructions on the care label. See symbol clarification for more information. Check the capability of your iron as some older irons do not have good temperature regulation.


Just a girl who loves Christmas

This Christmas scrub top was meant for me - the colours, the prints, the messages are perfect. I wore it to work yesterday and patients have been complimenting my outfit. The fabric feels soft. True to size. If only I could wear it all year round!!!

Christmas in the city scrub top

Excellent.. Lovely snd big in sizing