Providing a faster, more accurate diagnosis and exemplary patient experience

Mermaid Beach Radiology (MBR) offers so much more than just medical Imaging. This family-owned and operated private practice is also a leader in research and innovation, setting a service benchmark as a provider for not only the Queensland area but the whole of Australia. Boasting the highest quality clinical imaging services for patients and host a full range of medical imaging from X-rays and MRIs to CT scans, you are guaranteed the highest level of patient satisfaction, safety, and care.

Founded in 2021, Mermaid Beach Radiology provides a friendly, caring, and environmentally conscious atmosphere with state-of-the-art imaging equipment in diagnostic machines. Procedures are undertaken using the latest technology – this, combined with their highly qualified team and professional environment, is why patients are choosing Mermaid Beach Radiology clinic to carry out their examinations.

MBR’s investment in the latest imaging equipment means that results are immediate, reducing patient wait time. And, there are little to no levels of radiation used in their medical equipment, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that their clinics both increase your safety and honour their commitment to environmental protection.

Mermaid Beach Radiology differentiates itself from other radiologists by offering a holistic approach to radiology by creating a comfortable, relaxing, and tranquil environment that patients of all ages can enjoy. Upon arrival patients are greeted with a luscious vertical garden, that is indicative of this environmentally friendly Carbon Neutral organisation.

Mermaid Beach Radiology can offer a variety of applications to help distract and reduce anxiety for patients (especially children) during procedures. And, on Funday Friday the staff all choose to wear Mediscrubs ‘Unicorns and Rainbows’ scrub tops.

MBR insiders tell us that this is the highlight of the week for all the staff members because they all know too well the joy and happiness that wearing this popular scrub print brings to the team, and most importantly the patients. MBR’s vision is to provide the highest standard of medical imaging with a focus on accuracy, professionalism, innovation, and compassion for our clients and the environment. Mediscrubs is proud to be the premium medical uniform supplier for Mermaid Beach Radiology as well as many other privately owned and public health care facilities, clinics, and hospitals around Australia and the world.