Free flu jabs in QLD as the government makes 'pre-emptive strike' on rising cases

Queenslanders are being offered a free flu vaccine in a bid to protect against Influenza A as case numbers surge across the state.

People aged six months and older will be able to get a free flu vaccine from now until mid-June from their local GPs and pharmacies. It comes amid a major outbreak that had seen more than 4,000 flu cases already reported this year.

Queensland Health has warned cases have been doubling every week — increasing from 1,848 cases to 4,282 in the latest data released last week.

Free flu vaccinations until June 30th

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has revealed that cases of influenza A, a dangerous strain of influenza, have jumped from 1848 cases last week to 4282 cases this week, suggesting the numbers were surging.

In response, the Premier announced that flu vaccination would be free for everyone from Tuesday this week until June 30.

This is a serious flu strain made worse from lockdowns over the past two years

“It is serious and we don’t want to see people ending up in our hospitals when you can take a preventative step and get the vaccine,” the premier has said.

The Premier also stated there were 151 people in hospital, 10 of whom were in ICU with severe symptoms.

She said preventing further impacts on the hospital system, which was already dealing with COVID-19 cases, was the reason they had moved to make the vaccinations free.

The Queensland government will spend $40 million on the vaccine rollout and health authorities have previously warned that this year’s flu season was expected to be far worse than normal.

Influenza A, designated H1N1, is considered a particularly dangerous strain of the flu, especially because unlike COVID-19 it does affect young children particularly hard.

Acting Queensland Chief Health Officer Peter Aitken urged that parents get their children vaccinated ASAP as this particular strain is proving to be particularly bad for younger people and older Australians.