Mediscrubs uniform bundles guarantee consistent styling & branding

Mediscrubs uniform business bundles are the perfect solution for medium to large businesses as product bundling gives you certainty and peace of mind, knowing that your bundled uniform sets are company approved and ready to purchase having the correct styles and appropriate embroidery.

Be unique in your uniformity

Every healthcare professional is unique, and we recognise this, however, it's important for your team’s uniforms to be consistent for effective brand recognition and team cohesion. Nothing says we’re on the same team quite like wearing matching uniforms. From football fans to twins, uniforms bring a sense of belonging.

Incorporating uniforms into your company leads to improved team spirit and higher morale. They also promote a sense of equality because everyone is dressed the same. Consistent uniforms will bring your team together for a common purpose and mission.

Managers prefer staff uniforms to look different according to their roles. This is because of one key reason. It’s important that people can differentiate between team members according to their roles and titles.

Mediscrubs business bundles alleviate confusion

Mediscrubs bundled packages help you avoid the chance of mismatched workwear amongst your workforce, particularly new members. Each bundle uniform has been approved by an appropriate procurement officer. This means your employee's uniforms will match and conform to a consistent style colour, material or stitching detail.

Better branding with embroidery

With multiple embroidery options, having a Mediscrubs bundle ensures your company will stand out from your competitors. Standing out comes at no extra cost and you get more from your budget.

Time to choose your uniform bundle

Now that you are aware of what you need to keep in mind, don’t hesitate to buy uniforms for your team. Involve your staff members in the initial planning, design and sourcing conversations. If you listen to and implement their suggestions, it will give you an easy time when you roll out the uniform. The best advocate for the policy will be the employees who contributed to the process.