Taking care of your new set of Mediscrubs nursing scrubs is important to ensure that they last as long as possible and continue to look professional and clean. Here are some tips on how to care for your Mediscrubs nursing scrubs:

Read the care instructions on the label - Before washing your Mediscrubs nursing scrubs, be sure to check the care instructions on the label. Different materials and colours may require different care.

Wash in cold/warm water - Wash your Mediscrubs nursing scrubs in cold to warm water to prevent shrinkage and colour fading. Avoid hot water, which can cause the fabric to shrink and fade more quickly.

Use a gentle detergent - Use a gentle detergent that is free of harsh chemicals and additives. This will help preserve the colour and quality of the fabric. 

Avoid bleach and fabric softeners - Bleach and fabric softeners can damage the fabric and cause it to break down more quickly. Avoid using these products when washing your Mediscrubs nursing scrubs.

Hang or lay flat to dry - Instead of using a dryer, hang or lay your Mediscrubs nursing scrubs flat to dry. This will help prevent shrinkage and maintain the shape of the garment.

Iron if necessary - If your Mediscrubs nursing scrubs are wrinkled, you can iron them on a low setting. Be sure to check the care instructions first to make sure ironing is safe for your garment.

By following these tips, you can help extend the life of your Mediscrubs nursing scrubs and keep them looking clean and professional.