Gender-neutral scrubs made for everyone

Fashion has long been used to subvert the rules of conformity—and gender-neutral workwear is no exception. It rejects conventions that certain garments are designed for women or men; it rejects that a binary exists at all. Gender-inclusive nurse scrubs and medical uniforms are for anyone and everyone.

Adopting a gender-neutral uniform without judgment

The demand for genderless fashion is increasing as we embrace the fluidity of gender more and more as a society. With so many experiences of gender out there, why should we be relegated to scrubs that conform to such a limited binary of menswear and womenswear? Of course, the blurring of gender lines is nothing new in fashion. What is somewhat new is our wider societal conversations about gender identity and expression, and our greater understanding of the arbitrary and often harmful effects of a rigid male/female divide.

Whether you’re leaning into your androgynous side or feel genuinely uncomfortable in scrubs that reinforce the gender binary, you deserve the best local, sustainable, ethically produced pieces out there, and hopefully, you will find them at Mediscrubs. People who aren’t cisgender are often overlooked by the mainstream fashion industry, so investing in Mediscrubs gender-fluid uniforms like our 4 pocket scrub tops, cargo, utility or regular scrub pants can be a powerful way to vote with your dollars, too.

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