Mediscrubs and SNS Nursing Services have worked together for quite a few wonderful years. We have created an incredibly special relationship with the nursing team.

SNS is Perth’s oldest Nursing Agency and has proudly supported the Western Australian Health Community for 30 years.

Their aim is to create absolute client satisfaction by way of experienced and qualified staff, professionalism, and superior service.

SNS staff have high levels of communication skills and clinical capabilities along with demonstrable dedication to patient, client & resident well-being.

Working with the SNS team to create a uniform that was not only functional and comfortable but one that would reflect their unique brand was rewarding. Together we created the perfect scrub uniform, combining colour, style and embroidery to complement their brand. This was a perfect outcome for the SNS nursing team.

Mediscrubs are always glad to hear from our friendly customers and love to see their teams proudly wearing their uniforms.