Mediscrubs is a proud sponsor of not-for-profit organisation Street Side Medics whose founder, Dr. Daniel Nour, fellow directors and growing team of volunteers share a vision of providing an exceptional standard of healthcare to NSW’s homeless community. They accomplish this by addressing many of the burdens that homeless people experience as they explore the numerous barriers keeping them away from healthcare services.  

Providing optimal healthcare to NSW’s homeless community is crucial work as homelessness causes illness, and it can exacerbate pre-existing health issues to critical levels, and while the number of people experiencing homelessness has grown, medical funding to support people has remained inadequate.  

Dr. Nour and his team at Street Side Medics have made it their ultimate goal to alleviate this problem, by giving the homeless community access to primary healthcare.  

Through our long-term partnership with Street Side Medics we hope to break the barriers faced by the homeless community as together we bring healthcare to the streets and create awareness to the greater community regarding Australia’s growing homelessness problems. 

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