June 13th-19th - Men’s Health Week

Men's Health Week, celebrated yearly during the week in June, honours the significance of the well-being and health of young boys and men. Men's Health Week gives an amazing chance to inform and educate people in general about how to improve the condition of men's well-being while at the same time giving free and advantageous health services to young boys and men who wouldn't, in any case, get such consideration. The reaction has been overpowering, producing a huge number of supporters.

What Men’s Health Week is all about

Men's Health Week centres around actual well-being and physical health, yet additionally men's psychological health and personal prosperity. During the week, the health challenges experienced by men in Australia and worldwide are highlighted and occasions that can be hosted all year to work on the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of men and young boys are arranged. Through a progression of advancements, occasions and exposure around the nation, Men's Health Week is intended to incite thought and conversation about the improvement of all males' wellbeing.

The theme for Men’s Health Week 2022

The topic of Men's Health Week 2022 is ‘Building Healthy Environments’ for Men and Boys - representing taking action in creating physical, intellectual and emotionally healthy conditions in the home, work and social environments. Men's psychological issues are still not taken seriously around the globe. This absence of significance that's still presented in mental health prevents individuals from looking for the assistance they need. Giving a protected and proficient environment to males can help reduce and battle psychological health issues all in all. Awful mental health presents different unexpected problems, influences individual connections, and decreases efficiency at work among other issues.

Common adverse effects of mental health include:

  • Mood disorders
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Chronic diseases
  • Lack sleep
  • Bad health
  • Physical activity
  • Experiencing discrimination and stigma, including racism
  • Childhood abuse, trauma, or neglect
  • Social isolation or loneliness

How can we help?

The Men's Health Week's theme during the current year centres around establishing a healthy and accepting environment for men. We should move toward creating an open-minded and comfortable society.

Ways we can support:

  • Create an accepting environment
  • Focus on future generations
  • Provide guidance
  • Avoid burnout
  • Implement a healthy lifestyle

Overall, we should work toward stopping the stigma around men's mental health. We should continuously spread awareness on the significance of mental health and the requirement for proficient direction. In the event that you or somebody around you is encountering poor emotional or psychological struggles, we urge you to look for professional assistance. Very much like different sicknesses, mental health issues can likewise be treated once analysed by an expert.