Mediscrubs has been a major sponsor of TrekMedic for some years now and has reaffirmed our commitment in 2023

Trek Medic is a non-profit organisation based in Australia comprised of various health professionals who volunteer their time and skills to help bring basic health care and emergency aid to underprivileged communities worldwide.

In April 2011, two teams of doctors & nurses visited Nepal and spent 5 weeks in both the Everest and Annapurna regions of Nepal treating trekkers suffering from high altitude-related conditions and seeing and treating over 400 villagers in the Annapurna region, most of who had never seen a doctor or dentist ever in their lives. That mission was the pioneer expedition to pave the way for future teams to return and continue the work that was started.

Since that point in time, TrekMedic has sent dozens of teams to Nepal and treated thousands of patients all across the country as well as sending one team to Kenya. Additionally, in 2015, Trekmedic took part in the earthquake response that devastated the entire country, sending in rolling teams of volunteers spanning a 3-month relief effort and treating over 4,000 patients in villages and refugee camps across 19 affected locations. Our volunteers are comprised primarily of Australian doctors, dentists, nurses, paramedics, and allied health professionals.

Mediscrubs are in awe of the work of TrekMedic and we are proud to donate our brand of nursing scrubs to the teams who travel to Nepal biannually for humanitarian work.

How you can help?

Given this is a volunteer effort TrekMedic relies solely on charitable donations from the general public and companies like Mediscrubs based here in Australia. The money goes to purchase much-needed medical equipment and medications that are distributed to the community of these remote villages. Unlike most "non-profit" aid organizations where much of the money donated goes straight to administrative costs etc, Trekmedic is completely nonprofit with 100% of our fundraising going directly to medications and equipment only.