EVENT: Australian Karting championships

Round 2

Tiger Kart Club, Wanneroo, WA - 20th-23rd April

Australian Karting Event Recap

What an awesome event, Thanks to the support of Mediscrubs Harlen Bell and his racing team were able to travel across the country to take part in their biggest challenge yet. No surprise, Harlen rose to the occasion and consistently delivered solid performances across the entire four-day event.

The field consisted of multiple state and national champions all older and more experienced than Harlen, but this didn’t intimidate him. Harlen asserted his confidence right off the bat in the very first heat as he surged passed the field to take an early lead, this would be his first lap leading a National race. Throughout Saturday's racing, Harlen continued to lead multiple laps and also set multiple fastest laps through the 5 heat races.

In the main event, Sunday afternoon, Harlen remained super focused and lifted like we have never seen before. He immediately attacked the race leaders in the opening laps to reach first place ahead of the field. He put in some stellar laps to gap the field for the following six laps until the Australian champion caught the back of him.

More determined than ever Harlen contested the number one spot which allowed the chasing pack to close in. An optimistic move from another driver caused a collision with Harlen, which pushed him off the track for a brief moment, resulting in lost momentum that allowed the pack to quickly past him and put him ay back in 10th place.

Heartbreaking so close to the chequered flag with only three laps remaining. However, with his 'Never Give Up' attitude, Harlen pressed on to regain two positions and finish in eighth place. This experience has only made Harlen hungrier to achieve the result he feels deserving of.

One very frustrating fact that came out after the event is that the Australian Champion, who caught up to Harlen midway through the race, was disqualified post-race and banned from competing for the remainder of the year because he was found to have an illegal engine which constitutes as cheating, and this driver was the sole reason Harlen was contested through the entire race.

Never one to dwell on the past, Harlen will take away all the positives from his time in Western Australia and will keep pressing forward with more determination than ever before.

Harlen and the team have thanked Mediscrubs once again for supporting Harlen and his passion for racing, which has already created so many opportunities and added to the many positive areas in his life.