Mediscrubs are so pleased to support the Trek Medic team who is smashing it out of the park, having seen 250 patients since their arrival in Nepal!

Trek Medic team members assisted Dentist Eva, and Dr. Claudiu as they examined a patient's abdomen with a portable ultrasound.

Dr. Gabe examined many kids, and the HHE staff helped to sterilise the dental kit between patients.

Dr. Claudiu examined the leg of one patient and Dr. Allan patched up a patient's eye after removing a foreign body, nurse Bec syringed the ear of one patient, and pharmacist Mel made regular checks of medical supplies, A mother with a child was among the patients who presented, and the team was always in awe of the amazing scenery seen from the village.

The team finished up at Bung and trekked to the next village of Cheskam

The Trek Medic team has donated toys to the kids and village kids on their way to collect water. Dr. Allan took some time to teach nurse Kirra how to use a digital otoscope, and Kirra shares a laugh with a patient. The dental clinic has been cranking resulting in the doctors having to assist as well... Dentist Eva works on a patient, Dr. Allan and Nurse Clare work on some teeth, pharmacist Mel checks the stocks, assistant KamBo joins the kids in doing some drawing, assistant Roger teaches a young girl who was keen to learn how to take vital signs and she recorded all of his! Inspiring these young kids to become health workers can make a more lasting impact on these communities so that's an awesome thing.

Massive numbers of patients were seen at Chheskam by the team.

Among the patients seen was a man with severe rheumatoid arthritis, and Dr. Claudiu and Nurse Clare taught a lady how to administer ventolin via a spacer. Another man presented at the pop-up clinic with an open wound on his hand that was the result of a heavy stone crushing that fell on him when he was undertaking much-needed roadwork. Dr. Allan confirmed an underlying fracture on one patient via ultrasound, and Nurses Clare and Bec assisted in putting on a plaster.

Dentist Eva treated a child who required much need dental work, and there was a long queue of patients waiting to be seen, Nurse Kirra was thrilled to receive a high five from a young lad. Keep up to date with the work of the Trek Medic team via their Instagram page.


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