Get the Whole team looking their best

Outfit your entire team with the latest fashions and styles. We have many colours to choose from and with our own in-house embroidery team, we have got you covered when it comes to presenting a unified team to your patients and clients. Whether buying in bundles or setting up your own unique portal, Mediscrubs will help your team look their best.

Group Order Discounts & Client Portal Areas

Mediscrubs will provide you with the best available discount on group orders for any stock items via our specially designed client-portal area. Client portals (company login areas) provide a personal and easy to use shopping experience for Mediscrubs members.

To become a Mediscrubs member, or for any enquires regarding client portals, please send an email to client liaison and we will get in touch with to provide you with all the details required for setting up your own private portal area.

We accept most payment methods for group orders via customer portals. Call us on 0755376443 or email

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